Long-term rental, 1 bedroom apartment, Kniazia Romana St, Lviv, Halyts’kyi district

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dimlvivua (dimlvivua)
Registration Date: Sep 17, 2015
Company Name: House Estate
Phone: +38 (096) 614-5050
General information
Reference Number: 5667
Type of transaction: Long-term rental
Bedrooms: 1 bedroom apartment
Square meters: 25 sq.m.
Floor: 1 floor
Floors house: 3 floor
Type building: Old Fund
Class housing: Standard
Additional information
Description: Rent 1 room. apartments Lviv, vul. Book Roman (Center). Floor 1 / 3ts., Area 25 sq.m. Closed yard, electric boiler heating, warm floor throughout the apartment and batteries in the kitchen and room. Hot water boiler 100l. Within walking distance of shops, ATMs, pharmacies, public transport stops.
Country: Ukraine
Region: Lviv region
City: Lviv
District: Halyts’kyi district
Street: Kniazia Romana St