Sale, 2 bedroom apartment, Kuduktorskaya st., Lviv, Frankivskyi district

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dimlvivua (dimlvivua)
Registration Date: Sep 17, 2015
Company Name: House Estate
Phone: +38 (096) 614-5050
General information
Reference Number: 5821
Type of transaction: Sale
Bedrooms: 2 bedroom apartment
Square meters: 37 sq.m.
Floor: 3 floor
Floors house: 3 floor
Type building: Old Fund
Class housing: Standard
Price: 26500 $
Additional information
Description: Urgent sale 2-room. apartments Lviv st. Conductor (runs from Horodotska Street to Lubinska Street). Area: 36.4 / 26.4 / 6.5 square meters. m. Floor: 3 / 3ts. (attic).Brick house-villa, made in the style of Polish constructivism of the 1930s and has its own name "Wiera".The apartment consists of two living rooms, kitchen, separate bathroom, attic. Height of rooms: h = 2.40 - 2, 20 m. The room has access to its own balcony. There is a basement. Gas furnace heating. There are meters for gas, water, electricity. Entrance is front, clean entrance. Northwest side of the world.Closed adjacent territory. Arrival for the car.
Country: Ukraine
Region: Lviv region
City: Lviv
District: Frankivskyi district
Street: Kuduktorskaya st.