Sale, 2 bedroom apartment, Pid Dubom St, 26а, Lviv, Halyts’kyi district

190000 $
Reference Number
Type of transaction
2 bedroom apartment
Square meters
85 sq.m.
6 floor
Floors house
6 floor
Type building
New building
Class housing

Apartments for sale in Lviv Pid Dubom St Buy an apartment Halyts’kyi district - 85 sq.m.

Additional information
Sale of VIP 2-bedroom. apartments in the New Building with renovation of ZhK Forum Apartments Have time to buy a ready-made VIP apartment with designer renovation in a new business class house and immediately use it for living or renting! Buying your own home is always a great event for any family. As a rule, when getting married, newlyweds want to live separately from their parents. And if financial possibilities allow - there is a question of purchase of qualitative habitation where everything is thought over to trifles, beginning from a location, finishing with qualitative materials. This is where the apartment is for sale, where the owners put their soul into every detail. Why is that? First, the comfortable layout of the rooms: the kitchen-living room and bedroom are located further down the hall, and the second bedroom is generally on the other side of the apartment - it is very convenient if there are small children in the house and parents like to receive guests. Or - work from home and want to do it in silence; secondly, the optimal area is 84.6 square meters: not too large, which has a positive effect on ergonomics, but the rooms are quite spacious; thirdly, a separate bathroom - when more than one person lives in the apartment, this is a very important feature; fourth, a separate outdoor balcony overlooking the kitchen-living room, where you can enjoy a wonderful morning breakfast in the fresh air; fifth, the apartment - warm, cozy and bright. Despite the fact that all the windows in the apartment are panoramic, they are of high quality (Lithuanian brand Doleta) and retain heat well in the apartment. Thanks to the panoramic windows - in all rooms good access to daylight; Sixth, the beauty of the landscape: the windows from the bedroom overlook the High Castle, so here you can enjoy the legendary view of the Lviv TV Tower or enjoy the view of Mount St. George, where everything is visible in the palm of your hand. The apartment will open and fabulous sunrises and romantic events. According to the design project, the apartment was redesigned, which increased the area of ​​two bathrooms. Thus, the owners managed to get two full bathrooms, where one has an open shower with a glass element, and the other - a bath. The house uses an autonomous heating system. What are the advantages of such a system? This is a saving - heat loss is reduced due to the fact that the boiler room is located directly in the house; ease of operation - a fully automated system requires virtually no interference in the work, and repair and maintenance is a company with which the condominium has entered into an agreement.
Lviv region
Halyts’kyi district
Pid Dubom St
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