How to make the apartment hostel in Lviv

May 09, 2016

Even nowadays a lot of people living in dormitories or communal apartments. This is perhaps the only way to resolve the issue of housing for people who are unable to buy an apartment in Lviv.

How to make the apartment hostel in LvivThis option was created as home for a special project, and because of certain circumstances. For example, when relatives could not allocate space to each other, or divorce. So great apartments in Lviv were divided into shares, which are then respectively privatized each owner separately.

Previously create communal dormitories or apartments in Lviv was the norm, now may have difficulty when you try to split large area apartments apart.

First of all legislation prevents distribution. Even when several persons on property owned by joint ownership, there is no clear distinction where exactly whose share is. Simply put, all the property is in equal use.

Parties may only verbally agree on the ownership of facilities, and the remaining areas remain common. Selling such parts as are impossible. The fact that under current legislation of Ukraine to split multi-apartment on the lower part of each owner shall receive, in addition to the living room also benefits corridor, and must separate entrance.

If a separate building and have every opportunity to allocate their output, the high-rise is impossible. The exception is perhaps the first floor, and only on condition that the house does not apply to monuments.

The position of the government can be interpreted as preventing the formation of new dormitories in. All these conditions help to preserve the integrity of existing apartments. Therefore, even if you have agreed on the division of joint property orally privatize their shares alone you will not succeed.

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