Sale, 2 bedroom apartment, Staroievreiska St, Lviv, Halyts’kyi district

135000 $
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Type of transaction
2 bedroom apartment
Square meters
69 sq.m.
3 floor
Floors house
3 floor
Type building
Class housing

Apartments for sale in Lviv Staroievreiska St Buy an apartment Halyts’kyi district - 69 sq.m.

Additional information
2-room apartment for sale. apartments for investment st. Staroyevreyska (Rynok Square). 3rd/3rd floor, area 69 sq.m. An apartment in the historical heart of Lviv, a corner building, overlooks two central streets near the square. Rynok, Halytska and Staroyevreyska (super tourist spot). 3rd floor out of three. Above the apartment is a high attic. Two rooms, one walk-through, the bathroom is adjacent to the bathtub. The total area is 69 m2. An ideal option for rental and own accommodation.No. 5. Kamianitsa OzhalkovskaArchitectural monument of local importance No. 346Another address of the tenement house is str. Halytska, 11, which has been known since the 18th century and was Roman Catholic property. The tenement house was completely rebuilt in 1791 for the new owner, the wine merchant Toviy Weigl. From that time comes the corner sculpture of a lion with two trunks, which is why the building is called "Under the Lions". The owners of the house were: in 1871 - the heirs of Jan Diestl, and in 1916 - Dresla König. In 1875, the tenement house was rebuilt in the historicist style.Old Jewish Street was laid during the location of the new center of Lviv by German colonists in the 13th century, parallel between the southern side of Rynok Square and the city walls. The odd side of the former street Vekslyarska Street (from Halytska St. to Serbska St.) until the end of the 18th century consisted mainly of the back sides of the stone houses on the south side of Rynok Square. At the same time, the rear sides of the even side of the street faced the High Wall (city fortification). After the High Wall was dismantled, the street was formed. Nova (now Brativ Rohatyntsiv Street). Until the middle of the 19th century, this part of the street was inhabited mainly by Christians, in the years 1870-1940, Jews predominated among the residents; at the beginning of the 20th century, there were many furniture and leather goods shops here. At the beginning of the 20th century, Roman Catholics predominated among the residents of the former Kapitulnaya Street, and on the street Vekslyarska and Yevreska — Jews.From the current street The medieval Jewish quarter began in Srpska. Jews were allowed to settle in the south-eastern corner of the Middle Town, and in legal terms they were subject to the magistrate, unlike the Jewish community of the Krakow suburbs, which was subject to the royal elders. The quarter was surrounded by walls, and the wall enclosed the current Staroyevreyska Street on the corner of Serbska Street.
Lviv region
Halyts’kyi district
Staroievreiska St
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