Fraud on OLX when renting apartments in Lviv

May 05, 2016

Given the fact that a period of leave wanting to visit the capital of Galicia enough. Book expensive hotels in Lviv afford not for everyone, so come to the aid rent apartments. Unfortunately, in recent days the cases of fraud for rental apartments in Lviv OLX. So do not try to help you vtrapyty the trap and do not spoil your holiday.

Fraud on OLX when renting apartments in LvivTypically, apartments book in advance to be sure of the availability of free accommodation on arrival. For confirmation apartment owners ask for a deposit in the amount of the first night. Learning about these rules, scammers have come up with a new way of "earnings." Before the holidays, when planning a large influx of tourists, they copy photos of apartments on different sites and place bids, posing as owners. They usually indicate below market to attract customers. After payment to the victim, just turn off the phone. As a result - people are losing their money and are homeless.

Not to get hooked, you should know a few simple facts about rental apartments in Lviv. The actual apartment owners never limit their advertising one online resource. If you liked to offer OLX, during a call to ask where else can you find these apartments. Often, the person who deals with rental housing, is a personal site. In this case, you can be sure of their safety. But even when such a site there are many other resources where the ad is placed on daily rent of the apartment. Check the address and check whether there are any. Scammers are mostly used by advertising one OLX platform, which is the most popular.

To check your own reality offers, you just enter the owner of a search engine such as Google or Yandex and you get a list of sites where this man placed apartment. In the same way, you can enter the address.

Scammers almost never indicate the true address of apartment, whose photos are placed in advertising. Simply put, the address may indicate somewhere in the center of the city, and the photo of the Kiev apartment. Therefore, the address of the home on the internet you will not find.

One, what should be noted is the bank card, which costs List the request. Almost all owners of apartments for rent in Ukraine use the services Privatbank. The advantage of these cards is that you know whose name to send a deposit. When you provide the card number of other banks (Fidobank, Raiffeisen Savings Bank, etc.) and when trying to pay the amount you are shown, in whose name it is issued, it is better to abandon this armor. Fun is open accounts in such banks to be difficult to catch.

Recently Privatbank offered a new service. Before replenish their bank card, you can check the reliability of the card holder.

Also pay attention to how much time a person uses the site OLX. Fraudsters create new profiles every time, because it is enough to just buy a new SIM card. After agree on a certain amount of deposit, simply turn off the old number and register a new account. Therefore, great importance is how long the holder is registered.

Try also find reviews of the apartment or other media. Fun certainly can not boast of such achievements.

And finally, never obsess too low price. Remember that miser pays twice.

How to rent an apartment owner in Lviv term

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