Tips when buying apartments in Lviv

Apr 26, 2016

Many people dream of own home in Lviv, but carry out such an important and valuable purchase required extreme caution. There is always a risk to get into trouble and lose a considerable amount of money. So do not rush to buy welcome home. You must first check the documents properly.

Tips when buying apartments in LvivBefore you buy an apartment in Lviv sure how it got the present owner. If the property is left a legacy, you need to find out whether there are other contenders for it. There are times when one is abroad in the army or in prison. When these people claim, the court may make a decision in their favor, and then you lose your home without refund. Also, no harm will find out who was registered in the apartment and how these people are removed from registration at this address.

Once all documents are verified, can be issued deposit for an apartment in Lviv, which you liked. In this case, there is a new danger. The owner can be registered by a psychiatrist or psychiatrist, and if it is recognized incapacitated, the court cancels the agreement.

Another optional item is required to check the sale of certificates of no debt, arrests and so on. Now the procedure has become easier because the work itself adopted BTI notaries.

If there is a situation where owners are minor children or persons for whom guardianship is set, be sure to get the permission of the guardianship.

With bank transfer well to check the details of the recipient, and if possible check on how tax relief.

Also important is the state of the building and communications. Make sure that the building is not an emergency and that all alterations made in the apartment legalized and documented. Knowledge of simple rules of buying property in Lviv will save you from trouble.

If the owners of apartments are selling minors for official registration of transfer of ownership always requires permission of the guardianship to perform this operation. If you plan to cashless payment method, you need to examine the bank accounts, settlement procedure and find out about the possibility of tax cuts, of course, within the law.

Among other things, you should check the status of communications building, which apartment for sale in Lviv, as well as documents proving the reconstruction of the building or redevelopment of residential areas.

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