At the May holidays to the city and apartments

Apr 24, 2016

Approaching the weekend related to the May holidays, induces a significant number of people visiting new places to discover something new and interesting. That's why residents of large cities are trying to seize the opportunity and actively and fun holidays.

At the May holidays to the city and apartmentsFavorite tourist town is always Lviv. Its mysterious history, ancient streets, unique architecture beauty will not leave anyone indifferent. And the incomparable aroma of coffee that is heard from virtually every coffee brings Lion City like in a magic world, away from everyday worries. Splanuvavshy your holidays, traveling with friends in the capital of Galicia, you will surely get not only a good mood, but also a huge number of the most pleasant memories.

Every year during the May holidays glorious city receives hundreds of thousands more who want to immerse themselves in its unrivaled history. It really got into the city, as if everyone comes back a few centuries into the past. However, it is useful to take care of housing, not to spoil your holiday.

Book apartments every year begin tentatively in March. Although in recent years the trend has changed a bit. If three years ago, in mid-April is almost impossible to find a vacant flats, this year has a chance to book apartments and relax with friends and family in his dream city.

Primarily this is due to the difficult situation in the country, higher prices for travel and for daily rent in Lviv. As much increased utility tariffs, the price of housing and can not stay the same.

As for the cost, it is definitely on holidays it changes. When choosing an apartment, expect that the price will be about twice or even three times higher than ordinary days. The most expensive apartments are in the Market Square alone, and if you choose accommodation in residential areas, you can save several hundred hryvnia.

Also possible booking a minimum of three days. If your budget does not allow pay so much and for so many days, do not worry - closer to the events will be generated at intervals of one or two days. In this case, the owners agree to seamlessly book these days for you.

Undoubtedly this year wanting to visit Lviv will be much smaller, so if you just decide to plan your vacation, there is still a chance to find a home and hold a long-awaited weekend in the legendary city. Enjoy your journey and unforgettable experience!

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