Subtleties renting warehouse in Lviv

Apr 26, 2016

Business large number of firms is inextricably linked to the transport of goods and storage. With this activity warehouses definitely needed. If the construction or purchase of its own is not possible - have the support of rent of commercial real estate in Lviv.

Subtleties renting warehouse in LvivLong-term lease of storage in Lviv - a phenomenon quite popular. Businessman picks up the room with the correct number of square meters and signed an agreement with its owner. The big advantage is already equipped warehouse, which saves time for the landlord and the money spent on equipping it for their own needs.

The price of renting warehouse is affected by many factors. Firstly, area, particularly if the composition is in Lviv or outside the city or on the stock of equipment for storage of finished products, whether heating lease term and its area.

Rent warehouse in Lviv for the long term is more profitable than its construction, since the construction required to spend large amounts of time and money, as well as problems with the land and documentation, while as rental paid each month and do not require any extra efforts.

What to look for when choosing a warehouse in Lviv? The first which area of ​​the city it is located. It is important that the warehouse was located as close to the point of sale or manufacturing. So you will be able to save large amounts of traffic. The composition must be located close to major highways and have a good entry for large vehicles.

Second, the availability of the necessary equipment. It's not just raw storage equipment - shelves, boxes, but refrigerators and freezers, ventilation equipment to maintain the desired level of humidity etc. Also worth discussing whether a master lease equipment for maintenance staff. The important question of support in the room a certain temperature. For maximum comfort storage very easy to use climate control system with a controller. Warehouses in Lviv should have good heating to avoid damage to the product.

Thirdly, it should be possible to thoroughly check the building specifications and documentation, especially conclusions about fire safety and sanitation centers conclusions to avoid penalties.

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