How to rent an apartment in Lviv term

Apr 25, 2016

Many people in Ukraine have several apartments and therefore at least one of them must pustuvatyme. A good option for additional income will lease it long term. Especially because today the house enjoys great demand.

How to rent an apartment in Lviv termDo not expect that there is a potential tenant immediately after placing ads on rent in Ukraine for a long time. It takes time. Sometimes the issue is not the fact that not a single day, and not even one week.

Of course, when the owner of a hurry to hand over the premises persistent or month, then patience is not enough. But we need to consider and how much benefit you can get waited respective client.

But even finding a tenant, do not rush to sign and discuss in detail all the conditions of the lease, to avoid confusion in the future.

All these aspects have to be spelled out in the lease apartments. Make sure that it was compiled correctly and at least two copies, the tenant and the owner. Carefully read each item of the agreement. Each copy is signed by both parties. Only in this case can be sure of compliance with its terms.

The document must clearly indicate the cost of rent, who pays the party utilities. Also, no harm will fill deed acceptance facilities, which indicate the existing furniture and appliances that the tenant agrees to keep in good condition and in case of failure to repair or replace.

Only clear these lease terms and condition of the apartment give the opportunity to receive compensation for the cost of damages. Agree in advance how the tenant must compensate property damage. Refunds for damage to furniture, equipment or purchase new or repair of the premises should be discussed before signing and also written a separate item.

If residents choose to replace doors, windows or repair the apartment to your taste, this must surely alert the owner. Such changes in living conditions are made by the employer, unless the parties agree otherwise. Most owners return money that the tenant has spent on housing improvement at the end of the contract. If you bought furniture or appliances can be picked up at the eviction, the renovated buildings often have disputes. It is better to protect yourself in advance and agree on things.

Knowing the rules of putting apartments for rent in Lviv long and their strict adherence to keep your calm and help avoid losses.

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