As without the help of intermediaries to sell an apartment in Lviv

Apr 28, 2016

Many property owners in Lviv believe that independently sell the apartment much easier. And realtors only scare away potential buyers commission services.

But is it really so easy to sell an apartment in Lviv without intermediaries?

sell an apartment in LvivFirst consider what obstacles arise when trying to sell your home yourself in. The first stumbling block is the evaluation of the property. Of course, as the owner wants to get the highest price, citing the lack of fees. Customers are, in turn, looking for the cheapest deals on the market. Therefore, the process of selling may be delayed for months or even years. To determine the real value of the property must first study the market well, find out how much similar apartments in the area are in the same condition. A huge mistake is overvaluation, because on the Internet there are many proposals that are cheaper and thus the client will choose a better. It should be understood that all prices are original because every potential buyer expects to reduce the final cost.

So how is it possible to increase the value of the sale?

To increase the value of budget apartments in Lviv can make cosmetic repairs, the maximum free it from unnecessary things. That visual appeal can help to sell more profitable.

If the apartment high level, it can not do without high-quality repairs. People who seek such proposals often want to get a ready to move in apartments. Good results also allows the availability of modern furniture.

The next step is advertising. Do not expect that after submission of a single ad buy your apartment the next day. In a lot of advertising sites similar proposals because the compilation announcement should come responsibility. A place worth its offer to as many sites online real estate. If you decide to do without the aid agency, then this work should fully implement yourself.

By placing your ads, be prepared for the fact that now even dvinky will come after you will sell your property.

An equally important part of sales is the ability to correctly negotiate. Not every caller is just your buyer. Conversely, you can lose customers, if properly approach the issue of phone calls.

When you have to agree with the person who is interested to purchase your apartment, you need to take a deposit, which is a guarantee of the reality of the intentions of the buyer. And only after that can do the preparation required for sales documents.

Now comes the most difficult stage and independently manage the owners is difficult. During the preparation of documents often customers change their mind. After all, the process may be delayed for long. And the potential buyer may ask for a deposit back if the wait is prevented. Because documents must be as ready before you begin to engage in the sale of their property in.

Knowing these rules, you certainly can independently sell the property. But first well ponder whether you have enough time, or believe that quality can convey information about the apartment to the buyer and are able to competently complete the deal.

In addition, there are many customers who use the services of agencies for their safety. Therefore, this category of people automatically falls from a list of your potential customers.

In Lviv, the buyer pays the services of intermediaries, so property owners are absolutely free. You can also ask for help at any stage of the sale.

Good deals you!

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